Fiscal Discipline to Protect Taxpayers

Sue stood up to Governor Wolf’s billion dollar tax increase, and voted to pass fiscally responsible budgets.  As a job creator, Sue knows we cannot tax our way to prosperity, and has worked tirelessly to pass common sense solutions to put taxpayers first. She fought to cut burdensome taxes on small businesses and families, enact comprehensive welfare reform, provide real property tax relief, and reform the public pension system by protecting those currently in the system while placing new hires into a 401K-style plan like in the private sector.

Protecting Our Families

Sue has always put the safety of our families before politics. That is why she supported comprehensive legislation to reform the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and provide additional funding to fix the Commonwealth’s deficient roads and bridges.  The $2.3 billion of new funding is being allocated to repair and maintain our state’s 41,158-mile highway system and 6,536 structurally deficient bridges.

That is why she has also successfully fought to maintain access to quality health care in upper Dauphin County by keeping the Evelyn Frederick Health Center open in Millersburg.  Not only were her efforts successful, but Pinnacle Health increased services and remodeled the center, which benefits all local residents.

Encourage Local Job Growth

As a small business owner, Sue has spent her career creating jobs. She has worked hard to help improve the state’s business climate to encourage job growth.  She has also supported proactive initiatives to make Pennsylvania more competitive with other states by working to cut taxes and eliminate job crushing mandates.

She supported laws to close the “Delaware Loophole,” eliminate the inheritance tax, and create thousands of jobs in the natural gas industry.  She supported legislation that promotes workforce development, curbs lawsuit abuse, reforms the unemployment compensation program, and eliminates waste, fraud and abuse from the welfare system.  Sue also voted to enact Angel Investor Tax Credits to encourage out-of-state and in-state funding to help spark economic growth and job creation.

Locally, Sue sponsored the legislation to retain and bring new jobs right here in Susquehanna Township.  Her legislation helped ensure that the new Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) headquarters was built right here to retain jobs in our community.

A Leader on Reform

Committed to reforming Harrisburg, Sue has led by example. She voted to reduce the size of the legislature; supported the creation of a state website so the public can see how their tax dollars are being spent; and voted for other strong reforms to make our Commonwealth more open and transparent.  Sue refused a taxpayer-funded car and posts her office expenses on her website for all to see.

Our Strong Voice

Sue is committed to providing local residents with a strong voice in Harrisburg.  She works side-by-side with local officials and community leaders to protect the quality of life in our communities.  Sue works full-time to provide the level of service her constituents deserve and regularly attends community events across the district.  Her district offices are always available to help.

Sue has consistently stood up for our Pro-life and Pro-Second Amendment values, including the Castle Doctrine to reinforce a person’s right to defend themselves, their families, and their homes.

She is a member of Grace United Methodist Church in Penbrook.  Sue served on the Friends of Fort Hunter and later on the Fort Hunter Board of Trustees.  She also has served on the board of the Pride of the Susquehanna.