Our Strong Voice

Sue is committed to providing local residents with a strong voice in Harrisburg. She works side-by-side with local officials and community leaders to protect the quality of life in our communities.

Encourage Local Job Growth

As a small business owner, Sue has spent her career creating jobs. She has worked hard to help improve the state’s business climate to encourage job growth.

Fiscal Discipline to Protect Taxpayers

Sue stood up to Governor Wolf’s billion dollar tax increase, and voted to pass fiscally responsible budgets that provided more funding for education and other vital services.

Protecting Our Families

Sue has always put the safety of our families before politics. That is why she supported comprehensive legislation to reform the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and provide additional funding to fix the Commonwealth’s deficient roads and bridges.


Sue supported changes in House rules so all State House members must pay a portion of their own healthcare like those in the private sector do. Sue supported the restoration of healthcare funding (including hospital burn centers) which was vetoed by Gov. Wolf. In addition, Sue voted for legislation which would allow for the medical use of marijuana.

A Leader on Reform

Committed to reforming Harrisburg, Sue has led by example. She voted to reduce the size of the legislature; supported the creation of a state website so the public can see how their tax dollars are being spent; and voted for other strong reforms to make our Commonwealth more open and transparent.

Thank you for visiting my site. It is my pleasure to serve the residents and taxpayers of the 104th District of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.

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Sue Helm represents constituents of the 104th House District, comprised of the following municipalities and boroughs:

Dauphin County

Dauphin Borough | East Hanover Twp. | Halifax Borough | Halifax Twp. | Jackson Twp. | Jefferson Twp. |  Middle Paxton Twp. | Millersburg Borough | Penbrook Borough | Reed Twp. | Rush Twp. | Susquehanna Twp. | Swatara Twp. 4th & 7th Wards | Upper Paxton Twp. | Wayne Twp.

Lebanon County

East Hanover Twp. | North Annville Twp.